Failing At Blogging

Classic Tahjana!

The title explains pretty much everything. For almost two years now I have tried to commit to fashion & travel blogging, however ‘real’ life takes over . It frustrates me deeply as I keep thinking of ‘if’ I stuck to it; how much I could of achieved. But I feel that sometimes you need to fail at somethings to realize how much they mean to you and if they are worth fighting for.
My goal from now on is to be more consistent in my work even if it is the worst blog post in the world, at least I shared it and put it out there in to the world. From July on wards I am going to do a blog post a day to get me in the swing as well as showing you what I’ve been up to over the past two years that I didn’t get to share.

Wish me good luck!


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I am a 26 year old fashion and travel blogger/vlogger. I talk all subjects that I am passionate about! I started a project called 'Style Explorer', where I travel the world to capture unusual fashion style as well as the fascinating culture.

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