Becoming a Human Herbivore

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I set myself a challenge around January to try and be vegetarian for a month and see whether or not I craved to eat meat and see how I would feel about it. My sister has been vegan for a couple years now so she has always introduced me to alternative options for things which I have been open minded about. Due to this I didn’t feel necessary to ‘have’ to put meat or products produced from an animal in every meal I consumed.

The first few days were quite easy, but I currently work in a restaurant which niche is fried chicken so the smell kept enticing  me to eat chicken. After the month I did try a chicken burger. I literally took one bite and immediately regretted my decision and I have not eaten chicken since. I have occasionally had salmon, but things like this take a while. Since becoming a vegetarian I feel healthier and more energetic than ever.

Last week I went to  VegFest in Kensington Olympia which is a conference that specializes in vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food; as well as animal-friendly beauty products. The next one will be the 21-22nd October. I highly recommend it to anyone!

So keep posted for vegetarian recipes coming your way and have a fantastic weekend 🙂



veggie food

Avocado, halloumi and mushroom burger.

Avo Show

The Avocado Show in Amsterdam


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