New Year, Improved Me!

Happy New Year beautiful people!!

As we enter the new year, I like to look back on my previous year and see what I have achieved and things that I have not. I want to become the best version of myself and grow as a person. I am not a dieter and count calories etc, however I have always had an issue with my weight and I want to start this year strong and with a bang. I want to become stronger and be more confident in myself.

Weight has been an ongoing battle because I give up too easily because I can not see the results, but over time if I kept going even when it got hard i would be able to see the progress. The same theory relates to me blogging, I start it then eventually give up. I need to push myself in so many avenues to achieve the goals I have in mind for myself.

I will be doing a journey of my fitness throughout the year as well as my health and I will upload a post a week on the different things which are implemented into getting to where I am and the final week of the month I will show you my progress of my body, as well as my outlook of the journey. My new year’s resolution is to drink more water as we are supposed to drink a gallon of water a day(roughly 3 litres) and I know I do not that whatsoever. I am currently on my fourth day and once you get over the first day you realise how easy it actually is. I am also doing Veganuary for this month so I can start this year being super super healthy and I’ll be sharing my vegan recipes as well as food out and about in London.


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I am a twenty-nine-year-old fashion enthusiast who shares colourful quirky outfits as well as my own insight into my other passions - such as beauty, travel, health and vegan food. My biggest passion combined with fashion is photography! I began a project in 2015 called 'Style Explorer', where I travel the world to capture unusual style from incredible people as well as engaging with the culture through my lens.

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