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So as we enter into 2019 it is the amazing VEGANUARY! If you are unaware of Veganuary it is the whole month of January when you only eat vegan products to make people aware that you can have a normal and healthy lifestyle without any animals or their products.

I have been vegetarian for roughly 2.5 years, I personally feel better, healthier and I enjoy food more. It also opened my eyes to see how creative you can be without any harmful acts towards hurting animals as well as to your own body

I started off being vegetarian to see whether or not I could live without having some sort of meat in my meals. So far so good, but I did crave some chicken when I ate it I spit it out immediately and my stomach was not great. I became pescatarian and I had a bad bit of salmon and from then on I have become veggie.

My sister has been vegan for a long time and I wanted to see whether or not I would crave cheese. But as a veggiesoar I don’t like eating eggs or cow milk so it is just the cheese I need to overcome. But in time you never know!

Over the course of January I will be uploading posts on vegan recipes as well as places you can go and get vegan food around London.

If you are interested and would like a bit more information about veganism as well as veganuary check out


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