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Happy Thursday Morning!

I am super proud to announce that my friend Benarsh Laly just launched Leafychef, which is an easy and convenient way to incorporate plant based meals straight to your home then right into your belly. They are recipe boxes with fresh ingredients as well as having meatless substitutes. It is the perfect way to begin your vegan journey, even if you want to try out a few plant-based meals a few times per week. Leafychef is designed for you if you are unsure on how to cook meat free meals with some creativity and flavour that get your taste-buds tingling!

Mushroom Carbonara

Benarsh began going vegan two and a half years ago due to the awareness of animal welfare in farming of today and to the impact of animal agriculture which is ruining our beloved planet. This also changed his connection with food and he felt more inspired and passionate to cook. He would like to share that you do not have to give up on the taste and flavour due to consuming plant-based food. Leafychef provides everything needed to create delicious and nutritionally balanced vegan meals.

Lentil & Squash Salad
Bean Tacos

I personally think Leafychef is an innovative and inspiring way to embrace vegan food into your lifestyle with ease; you don’t have to trawl around a busy supermarket and look up complicated recipes on the internet. You can choose which recipes you would like to create out of the selection they have and it delivers straight to your door. Isn’t that so simple! They even have a range of box sizes based on the amount of people, starting from two people or four. I can not wait to order mine when I return back to London!!

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Below is the link to the to Leafchef and I hope you have fun making these delicious nutritious meals!


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