The Journey To Learning To Love Yourself

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend.

From today October 1st -31st I am starting ‘The Journey To Learning To Love Yourself’. Each month I will focus on one part of my body to show people that it might take time, but it will be all worth it!

Since the start of the year we all want to have a ‘new me’ for our resolutions; for example go to the gym more to lose weight, eat healthier or improve ourselves with learning a language. But when we try and do everything at the same time it is already doomed for disaster. Last year I was not happy with how I looked from my skin having acne spots and scars, my hair being dry not having defined curls and I have always had an issue with my weight.

As my new year’s resolution I wanted to learn to love myself month by month, as I have depression which interferes into how I feel about myself. For the whole of January I drank a gallon a day to improve my skin as well as my state of mind; I also did Veganuary. I saw a massive change in how I looked but also how I felt internally. Every month I would focus on something different from skin, nails, hair to my gut and brain.

I will be posting on my Instagram stories and weekly updates on my blog. I want to help people believe in themselves more and hopefully when they see their own results, whilst following what I am doing it will encourage them to have the same journey as me.

This month I will be focusing on my hair as its been quite dry and my curl pattern is not the way I would love it to be. I want to nourish it to its full capacity and bring my bounce back to my curls!

Follow me on Instagram @tahjana_mccoy to be part of this journey and maybe you’ll be on this journey with me too.

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