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I Got That Fringe Feeling

Good Morning gorgeous gals & guys!

Since the cold has approached in London and the charming autumn colours are starting to appear, I wanted to kick start my first outfit with inspiration from natures colour palette. I love burnt oranges to rustic reds as they go great with my golden skin tone. I added bits of gold jewellery to add more warmth to my outfit.

As you can tell from the last two fashion posts WESTERN GIRL IN A WESTERNISED WORLD & ‘NEW’ BOOTS BITTCH! are western themed too; not only is this trend in style at the moment, but since I was young I loved cowboy and indians with the massive hat and …. boots. I even had hot pink snakeskin boots when I was young and was head over heels for them.

The jacket I am swooshing around in like a superhero is from Urban Outfitters , however I bought this about 3/4 years ago as it was an investment piece to my wardrobe collection. I like to collect statement pieces which I know I will be able to wear for years and years to come. But on eBay you can purchase some good quality jackets which are similar; it’s also sustainable shopping.

These black culotte jeans I am wearing are so comfortable and I have been wearing them with everything; boots, trainers and loafers. I purchased them from H&M for only £24.99! I am trying to cut down on wearing super skinny jeans as it encourages varicose veins.

I don’t think you understand my love for these shoes of delight as I am a chunky shoe fanatic! I love love love shoes which are super duper chunk all over, I’m a 90s baby. I wanted to purchase some loafers for a while and I was eyeing up the Dr Martens but they were not in my price range. I came across these on Asos, but the funny thing is that they are actually men’s shoes. My feet aren’t clowns I am a size 6 UK/ EU39 and I wear a lot of menswear anyway. But I am so happy that I purchased them, they cost £55 and they don’t look like they will wear aware any time soon.


Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Asos

Necklace – H&M (similar to product)

Sunglasses – Topshop

Watch – Asos

I hope you loved this first Autumn inspired outfit for this week, if so leave a comment below about what you liked so much! If you want to keep posted for my next post don’t forget to follow my blog and Instagram @tahjana_mccoy

Tomorrow I will be talking about my hair-care routine and the progress I have seen in one week. If you’re intrigued about why I am doing this why not have a read of THE JOURNEY TO LEARNING TO LOVE YOURSELF.

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