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Corona Virus Realisation On Life

Afternoon beautiful people of the world,

I began my blog mainly focusing on fashion and how I style myself as I love to express myself through the creativity of clothing. Since I was young I have always been the shy kid and when I moved to London I was able to slowly move out of my cocoon and be on a journey of finding my true self. I have always loved to dress up and be creative in any field, from photography to painting to styling. However, through the years of trying to keep up with my blog I have had waves of self-doubt, depression and trying to cope with the challenges of life. Personally, writing is a way to vocalise my point of view of subjects. I turned twenty-six a few weeks ago and it dawned on me that, since the five years of starting this blog in a dodgy flat-share in East London and growing into a woman that I am today; I do not want to be a blogger that is just showing you that all I am capable of is just looking “pretty” in a range of outfits. Maybe when I began, yes. However, since then it was more of showing who I am and not trying to copy everyone looks or follow the recent trends of the seasons , but that there is so much more to me than just the outfits I wear. I will be writing about my thoughts and opinions on subjects I am very passionate about such as the rights of all humans and animals, nature, society and much more. I will have open aired questions to include readers of there own opinions too. I am looking forward to this new chapter of my blog and I hope you will too.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred and slowly began to affect my life, it was a major wake-up call to how quickly our luxuries of life can easily be taken away from us all. From the basics of walking wherever around in the fresh air, walking freely into a shop and buying anything we desire, spending time with friends or family and going on holiday to have some fun in the sun. I hope when life gets back to some kind of normality, people will be more grateful of the simple things that have been temporarily taken away from us. We all complain about going to work and we have no time for the other things that we need to do, well see this as a blessing in disguise you have all the time to complete the tasks that stopped us from our previous hectic lives. Personally in my time of quarantine I want to focus on bettering myself by morning meditation, reading books to widen my knowledge as well as vocabulary, exercise to get that body I have desired, completing courses and learning languages to add skills to my CV, grow vegetables and herbs to see how life grows and become more sustainable, do some self care to learn to love and treat myself like the goddess I am (HELL YEAH LADIES, WE ARE ALL QUEENS!) This is the time to get to know our true self, of who WE are and what WE like to do and not to distinguish our own selves by our friends, or our occupation or our loved ones.

Take this time as a blessing in disguise! We are never to old to learn and in this time I am focusing on becoming the best version of myself. Whenever the world goes back to reality I can live the life I want to and not back to my previous life of being a slave to the system. I hope these words motivate others to do something similar in there time of quarantine and to reflect on how they can better themselves too.

I hope you will like to see this side of me as I have been hesitant over the months to write these kind of posts as it can be controversial. I want this is be a place of love and understanding. We were all brought up in different cultures, classes, religions etc. Obviously our opinions are going to be contrasting, but it also can open our minds to other views that we would never of thought.

Feel free to comment and even leave some suggestions on what kind of topics you would like me to talk about. So we can can get all kinds of communities around the world involved.

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I am a 26 year old fashion and travel blogger/vlogger. I talk all subjects that I am passionate about! I started a project called 'Style Explorer', where I travel the world to capture unusual fashion style as well as the fascinating culture.

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