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Afternoon beautiful people of the world!

When I began my blog it was just focused on fashion outfits that I put together, but the post I wrote a few days ago ‘Corona virus realisation on life’ I explain that I want to write about more topics that I am passionate about because they are partnof who I am too. On my blog I want to show you what kind of person I am, and not come across as some narcissist only posting photos of myself.

What Do I Have Planned For My Fashion Posts?

I have a lot of content to show you from last year to the start of this year before I post anymore new content, because in the past I have overwhelmed myself with trying to catch up with old content and making more fresh content. When I have finished posting all my old content, I will begin to post my quarantine fashion styled posts. I also would like to write about fashion current affairs and reenact fashion styles/idols in my own way, which I think would be fun! I will interact with you guys on my Instagram account @tahjana_mccoy.

When Will My Current Content Appear?

I am planning to have my old content all published by the start of May. I do not want to say a particular date, as I have quite a bit of content to post and I know that there will be some more content lingering around somewhere.

What Kind Of Fashion Content Do You Have Planned?

As we all know due to the Corona-virus affecting everyone and our restrictions on being outside, I am going to be as creative as possible in my flat. Before we got quarantined I was making a series at a studio with a variety of coloured backdrops so that the outfit pops out, as I love the colour contasts with the clothing(these photos will be published over the course of the next couple of weeks). I will try and do something similar to the best of my ability. Also I saw in the news about people who are working at ASOS are becoming ill due to still having to work because people are ordering packages. I am boycotting (at the moment of Corona-virus) as I do not want to participate in being the reason someone catches Corona-virus because I want to look sassy in a dress and tee. I have plenty(that is seriously an understatement) of clothes in my wardrobe, that I can be creative and experiment with and it gives me a challenge to push the boundaries within myself. I even have some eBay clothes I want to sell, so I wanted to create some funky outfits to help them sell.

My next fashion post(which will a cheeky fun outfit) will be this Saturday 18th April at 19:00 (GMT +1). For more updates follow me on Instagram @tahjana_mccoy!
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I am a 26 year old fashion and travel blogger/vlogger. I talk all subjects that I am passionate about! I started a project called 'Style Explorer', where I travel the world to capture unusual fashion style as well as the fascinating culture.

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