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Dr Seuss’s Fashion ‘Ting Number 1’

Good afternoon beautiful people of the world!

Even though I am quarantined and wearing mainly pyjamas and gym leggings(which are now becoming an overstatement). I have a wardrobe of fun and fantastic clothing that make me feel the same. I am making a comeback with creativity to my blog, especially within my fashion blogs. I have so much content from the past to show you that I will start to bring out some new content in the start of May. I purchased the dress from Asos and immediately fell in love with its vibrant mandarin colour and super poofy shoulders! I purchased these items quite a while ago, so unfortunately they are no longer in the shops. However, I wanted to share my sense of style through just the photos.

When I was younger I was a tomboy and since getting older I have got in touch with my girly girl, but I love merging both of my sides together to combine awesome stylish outfits. My inspiration for this outfit is from the 90’s, which is one of my favourite decades of style with the cross between feminine and masculine with a sexy vibe too. I love clashing vibrant colours together so it brings the saturation of the colour even more.

I am going to be keeping the writing in the old photos I publish brief. I hope you like my sense of style. On Monday will be the next fashion post and keep updated on my Instagram @tahjana_mccoy .
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I am a 26 year old fashion and travel blogger/vlogger. I talk all subjects that I am passionate about! I started a project called 'Style Explorer', where I travel the world to capture unusual fashion style as well as the fascinating culture.

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