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Six Week Self Care Challenge

Good Afternoon beautiful people of the world!

Yesterday I began my first day of my six week self care challenge which will involve daily exercise workouts, eating healthy (no fad diets) and giving our body the love and care it deserves! Can I get a HELL YEAHH!!! Below I have written about what it is all about and why I am doing it.

Why did you come up with doing a six week self care challenge?

From the end of last year to the start of this this year I was focusing on a part of my body monthly, giving it full attention and care for it to flourish. Because I feel we try and do everything all at the same time and it is doomed from the start to fail as it becomes overwhelming. I stopped doing it from March( since the start of Corona virus coming to the UK) and I saw my skin was getting worse as well as I did a photo-shoot ans saw how round my face was becoming from being less active. It got me depressed and I started to watch body transformation videos on YouTube which spurred me on to think YEAH, I can do it too! I have never in my life (that I recall) have a flat stomach, or feel great about my whole body and I want to show MYSELF that I have the willpower to do it.

What will the six week challenge entail?


I am going to be following workouts mainly from Chloe Ting on YouTube as well as other YouTuber’s. I will leave my YouTube workout playlist if you are interested in seeing what workouts I will be completing in this six week challenge. I also downloaded Steezy Studio which is a dance app as I love to dance so much! I normally freestyle but I thought it would be a fun way to add some cardio and learn some new moves too. I think it is so important to do some kind of fitness that you enjoy, not primarily just because you HAVE to. Do not worry there will be some rest days in between.


I have never followed any fad diets because in the end I feel you put more weight on or you get the cravings of what you are not meant to eat and fail. I am vegan and occasionally in a blue moon I will have a bit of cheese, but it is becoming more rare now. I personally think it goes down to eating nutritious wholesome meals which contain all food groups(vegetables and fruit should be the main part on the plate) and no snacking if possible whilst drinking at least two litres of water a day. Yes, eat some chocolate, but try 70% dark cacao chocolate and make biscuits at home with nuts and fruit (so you actually know what the biscuits contain). But if you do, do not eat all the biscuits and chocolate; portion it out and treat yourself if you have done a workout for example. Throughout the week I will publish some recipes which are fun, healthy and of course delicious!


I will be focusing on mainly my skin, hair, teeth as well as my feet and fingernails. I will be making natural homemade beauty products, whilst being sustainable of using leftover foods and using them to there full purpose. I will be making masks, scrubs, moisturisers and remedies for hair growth. In a lot of products we buy we do not know half of what it contains inside and they can be quite expensive too. What I love about naturally products is that you that the majority of the ingredients at home! I will also publish weekly on Saturday’s recipes to make a variety of natural beauty products.

This Sunday I will write about my progress throughout this week of how I feel and what I have found easy as well as hard. I hope this motivates you to get off the couch and push yourself to look after yourself, because your happiness is all in your hands so make a choice to be the better version of yourself!! Follow me on Instagram @tahjana_mccoy for daily stories of what I am getting up to on my six week self care challenge.

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