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Out With The Old, In With The New!

Happy New Year beautiful people of the world!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays despite the lockdowns and travel restrictions. It has been a while since I’ve really engaged on any social media platform. A few incidents occured which discouraged me from continuing. I will only mention one as I think it is important to keep my personal life private.

I had my hair cut as I was modelling for a hair salon and they cut more than I anticipated. Many triggers fired off inside me.

When I was younger I was mistaken a fair few times for a boy which has been a small trauma that I am working on within myself. As you can imagine when I saw how short my hair was my heart sank to the floor joining my hair. I was super sad because of all the effort I put into looking after my hair for the past year with The Journey To Learning To Love Yourself (to be continued in 2021).

In that particular moment all the self confidence I had been working on had disappered in a matter of seconds. I needed my own space and time away to learn to love me and realise that my hair does not define who I am as do many other things.

The irony is in my scripting journal I wrote about how I want beautiful, strong curly thick hair. Later on it dawned on me that even though this occured, it must of happened for a reason as my hair was dead at the ends. It was not only the rebirth for my hair but also the woman I envisoned to become.

Tomorrow I will be explaining in more detail about ‘The Journey To Learning To Love Yourself’ and what I have in store for the month of January!

If you want to keep updated follow my Instagram account tahjana_mccoy as I am mainly posting on my stories about what I am up to 🙂

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