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My Style Evolution Story

Hey beautiful people! I hope you are having a great day wherever you are in the world 🙂

Today I am excited to talk about my plans of direction for ‘The Real McCoy Of Style’ as well as the reasons why I am doing it. Firstly I will give you a brief background into why I lauched this blog and my journey of style.

Since I was young I have loved dressing up! I would normally sneak into my grandparents wardrobe and try on their clothes – especially my grandma’s shoes. Sometimes I would get creative and make my own clothes from literally bags.

1. Colour has always been a big part of my fashion sense and now I understand why – it started when I was two. Also Esmerelda was my favourite because I wanted green eyes.

2. My ensemble of my grandparents clothing.

3. This dress was a favourite of mine #PlaidLife

4. The hat was a Tesco bread bag and I walked down the street, basically a mini catwalk and what I can remember a dog chased me or barked at me because I still had breadcrumbs in my hat. Also to add I still wear T-shirts under dresses – proper 90’s gal!

Purple was my favourite colour and still a lover of dip-dye T-shirts!
I was thirteen years old in Lanzarote on a sports holiday( I did many sports as a teenager). This day I remember brushing my hair out Afro style and everyone loved it – I cried because I thought it was ugly so I ran to my room washed my hair – hence why it’s wet.

I have always had a great interest in fashion, especially vintage style because the women looked so beautiful and elegant. I would cut out pages from magazines and I assembled collages which I stuck on my bedroom wall. I am a creative person and pursued art and drama at school – I loved dancing too! (even though I was very timid child). Through these subjects it was a easier way for me to communicate by expressing myself without opening my mouth, as I have expressive language disorder.

1. This is the first fashion photo I took of myself dressed in one of my mum’s dresses (because her wardrobe is fire!) I edited the photo on my mum’s phone in a pop art style as Andy Warhol is a creative I’ve been inspired by.

2+3. I was around fourteen years old here trying to pose and I used my webcam to capture these photos.

4. Oh my god! I loved this purple dress I purchased it from Primark (which was new at the time)in the sale for £3! #Bargain

1. I was eighteen years old and this is one of my top photos of all time of moi!

2+3. When I was fourteen I became “scene” which like a colourful unicorn emo and I dressed in bright green super skinny jeans or leggings.

4. This was my prom and around this age I began my interest into buying vintage clothing. I couldn’t purchase an expensive dress for only one night – when I walked home I saw this dress sparkling in the second-hand shop window; it was roughly £50. I still have it and will treasure it – it’s covered in sequins and my favourite part was the back of the dress.

I loved editing the photos I took and nothing has changed – I enjoy the process of creating the photo and making it come to life.

I started my blog in East London when I came back from a long night of work – I didn’t know where it would take me or what fashion content I was going to write about, but I did know the reason was a way of conveying my own fashion fantasies – as fashion at the time was predominantly fashion magazines or celebrities that showed their representation of what fashion is meant to be.

I dreamed of becoming a fashion model in the magazines which were stuck on my bedroom wall or even strut the catwalks like Naomi Campbell which I would practice down the hallway. But I ultimately knew my body would never fit the bill by comparing my body to the models, as I am curvier with larger than normal boobs. My type of body was “only meant” for either page three, glamour modelling or maybe catalogue – which were all big NO, NO’S!

On January 2015 was when I began to share my style outfits of the day. As you can see I took my photos on my iPad.
In June 2015 was the birth of The Real McCoy Of Style.

Throughout my blogging experience I was being inconsistent due to being depressed and working full-time in hospitality – which did not really help either. However, I never gave up as I knew I had more to offer with my photography and the process of creating the fashion shoot made me super happy.

Leaping a year ahead in October 2016 was when I started wearing wigs with my outfits. I love the fact you can become another person – especially at that time being a waitress it was an escape from my own reality.
These photos have been taken from mid 2019 to the end of 2020. It really overwhelms me with such joy of the growth of my craft – but most of all my own personal growth.

Which brings me to the present day. This year I am planning on producing my photographs in an editorial manner being more outlandish, loud and showing emotion through the pictures. My top magazines are Dazed and i-D magazine as they push the boundaries of creativity. I personally believe that fashion is more than just looking perfect and beautiful, but it can also share important messages to open people’s minds.

Here is a gallery of some photos that I didn’t get to put in (as I have too many pictures). They are in chronological order of the evolution of The Real McCoy Of Style.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you will enjoy my new chapter for The Real McCoy Of Style. If you want to keep updated on my upcoming posts follow me on my Instgram tahjana_mccoy as I am mainly on there.

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