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Owning Who I Truly Am!

Good Evening amazing people of the world! I hope you are having a fantastic week so far. Today is actually acceptance day – which fits in beautifully with the topic I’m about to speak about.

Today I will be talking about owning who I am (as it says in the title), because prior to this I was ashamed of my body, I was continuously putting myself down and creating that reality by my negative attitude. I want to encourage people to own their power in a positive way and it is okay that some people might not understand you – because their are plenty of people out there who will.

From as long as I can remember I have had the biggest battle with my weight and feeling confident in my own skin. However, now I chuckle to myself as to why I cared so much of what other people thought about me – when they didn’t know me whatsoever! In my mind if I see someone who stares at me funny or says something rude – instead of lashing back in a negative way, I breath in calmly and say to myself ‘It is not worth my time and it’s a waste of my energy being negative myself and ruin the rest of day’. Because number one it’s not going to resolve anything and number two that person has their own issues which they feel is better to take out on someone they know or don’t know.

Only recently I have started to love myself as it dawned on me one day – why am I depending on others to make me feel happy? It’s not their burden or job to do so. It has got to start within you – do the things that you enjoy that you’re passionate and makes you feel alive! It’s a bonus when others make you feel happier.

My bodily insecurity is that I have back fat ( Italian food hasn’t helped – but who cares!) and I am not a lover of it but I have accepted that in this present moment this is currently me – maybe in the future I might not have as much. I had photos I took for my blog and I didn’t publish them as I had back fat showing, but why am I trying to hide who I am and pretend to be someone that I am not?Personally I feel we are programmed to believe that to be even ‘considered’ beautiful we need to look like all the women/men advertised on all medias. What if my hair isn’t blonde, straight, I haven’t got long skinny legs, I have love rolls – not toned abs! We rush to these fad diets, drinking only protein shakes, skinny pills, starving our faces, getting fat sucked out of us and for what? To feel better and happier? Or is it all superficial to keep our ego preoccupied away from what true happiness is?

I completly despise these apps that are being advertised everywhere that are promoting people to change the shape of their face and even adding abs to there body or making your body look more voluptuous. Especially for the teenagers who are on the beginning of going through lots of bodily changes and question their appearances. These unrealistic body standards can affect their mental health. I commend people who own up to having plastic surgery or say they use photoshop, but when people lie and say no it is all natural – it decieves the younger generation looking up to an unachieveable body stereotype. I understand if it’s been someones insecurity and doing it will help bring them happiness and confidence – but our bodies are always changing( even seeing how my body and facial features have changed in the past eight years).

Colour Contacts – Swati

I want to be 100% open to you all with my own personal insecurity I had. I hated my nose it was big and bulky as well as crooked because I played netball (similar to basketball) and the ball knocked on my nose so many times – even once a girl threw the ball on purpose too. I have always thought about getting a nose job or those semi-permanent nose injections to fill it out. But recently I said to myself ‘ Nobody is perfect, own your imperfections because you are beautiful just the way you are’. From now on I will be accepting my full true self in the present moment – because I believe true beauty maintains inside us, which shines on the outside!

Sunglasses – Topshop
Lipstick- Sleek Makeup
Earrings- Missoma
First Earrings
Second Earrings

I hope this post has inspired you to own yourself and stop thinking about WHAT people MIGHT say or THINK. If they do wish to share their own negative opinions just know that they have their own personal problems within themself and want to preach it out on to you. Unfortunately people take pleasure and personal gain in making others feel bad or question who they are is good at all.

Later on this week I’ll be posting more fashion content and the best way to keep updated will be on my Instagram account tahjana_mccoy

JUST SMILE 😀 My boyfriend made me laugh!

Speak soon! Love Love,

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