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A Fresh Start

Happy Wednesday beauts of the world! From this week onwards I am starting a new weekly routine so that I am continuously writing new content for you!

Every Wednesday I will be posting about my outfits that I’ve stylishly curated and also share where I have bought these lovely pieces from, just in case you like anything in particular yourself or if a piece is no longer available I’ll share something similar to it.

Here in England the weather has been all over the place. One minute it’s sunny to then cloudy to drizzling rain. I never know what to properly wear at times – trust me the struggle is real! I wanted to create an outfit which isn’t too many layers as when the sun shines when it’s partially cloudy it can often be quite humid.


I have fallen in love with this Collusion rib knit tank as it’s super soft and comfortable, but even the slanted cut of the sleeves as well as the oversized collar sold it for me. It gives a mix of formal and informal. That’s why I paired it up with the slouchy charcoal trousers to tie in with the formality look, but also added the Zara chunky military style boots to look more casual – to balance it out.

I have always been quite tomboyish (not sure if that’s even a word) and I love bringing a masculine style and twist it with feminine touches. Half of my wardrobe was bought from menswear collections – you just have to make it your own! Work it!!

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I am a twenty-nine-year-old fashion enthusiast who shares colourful quirky outfits as well as my own insight into my other passions - such as beauty, travel, health and vegan food. My biggest passion combined with fashion is photography! I began a project in 2015 called 'Style Explorer', where I travel the world to capture unusual style from incredible people as well as engaging with the culture through my lens.

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