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Monday Motivation: Going Back Doesn’t Mean You’re Going Backwards

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you are looking forward to a fantastic week ahead of you!

I have just returned back to the mayhem of London and I have lived here previously for just over six and a half years. Coming back had made me feel like I haven’t progressed and I have ended up where I started, but sometimes I feel we may return back to certain places because we see it with new fresh eyes or we didn’t complete something there.

I am trying to have a more positive outlook on life and take advantage of situations, because life rushes past quickly before your own eyes – something which I learnt during this pandemic!

I’m excited for my fresh new adventure back in the fashion capital and I’ll embrace what new opportunities and experiences come my way.

If you’re reading this and you’re in a similar situation in your life, keep your head up and keep on moving. We manifest the life we want even though presently it might not seem like it – but sooner than later you’ll realise why.

I hope this has got you eager and positive for the new amazing week – as we have many great things to accomplish to getting us to becoming the best version of ourselves. To keep updated on my future posts this week don’t forget to click the follow button on my blog or follow me on my Instagram here, as I’m posting there everyday.

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