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Appreciating My Hometown

Happy Friday beautiful people of the world! From next week I will be publishing on my correct scheduled days, I have been enjoying the beautiful weather as I know it’s rare for British weather to have accelerated over 15 degrees.

Last week I visited my hometown in Portsmouth searching for the best spot to do a quick photoshoot where I wouldn’t be disturbed or in peoples way. I finally came across a place which I completely forgot about in Old Portsmouth, which brought back many teenager memories.

If you are new to my blog, I am predominantly wearing these mix of colours red, black and white as they are my favourite colour combination and trust me it will not be the last you’ll see of them in my outfits. I am part Native/ African American and English – I am trying to embrace all my cultures and portray it through the way I style myself.


What I love about this outfit is you can add layers with a bomber jacket or take off the hoodie and go for a slouchy chic look. I think it’s important to reuse items of clothing in your wardrobe, to create a range of different outfits which is great for your pocket as well as the environment. Obviously who doesn’t love new clothes! But I love giving myself a challenge to see what I can create with what I have hanging in my wardrobe.

Returning to my hometown made me realise how far I’ve grown and accomplished within myself. It’s truly humbling to revisit where you grew up to regain that fire that pushed you in the first place to where you currently are now. I know young Tahjana would be so proud of current Tahjana. You are the only person who stops yourself from achieving your dreams – don’t live in regret!

I hope you enjoyed this androgynous outfit I styled and to keep updated on my future posts follow me on my Instagram page here as well as my blog. Feel free to leave a comment down below as I would love to hear your feedback!
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I am a twenty-nine-year-old fashion enthusiast who shares colourful quirky outfits as well as my own insight into my other passions - such as beauty, travel, health and vegan food. My biggest passion combined with fashion is photography! I began a project in 2015 called 'Style Explorer', where I travel the world to capture unusual style from incredible people as well as engaging with the culture through my lens.

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